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Sharlene 'Shar' Jorgenson

picture of Sharlene JorgensonA veteran quilter of 30+ years, Shar Jorgenson is a familiar face to thousands of television viewers. Her PBS television series, Quilting from the Heartland and Quilting with Shar, bring innovative techniques to quiltmakers of all skill levels. Her enthusiasm, down-to-earth style, and extensive experience guide quilters through the steps of creating beautiful quilts, quickly and easily with today's tools.

In 1988, Shar created her first set of laser cut, acrylic templates. Her time-saving method of rotary cutting several layers of fabric into customized shapes brought accuracy and convenience to quiltmakers. Without sacrificing the beauty of traditional designs, Shar teaches methods for accurately reproducing ageless quilt patterns with ease and efficiency. Her step-by-step instructions, based upon her own hands-on experience, take the mystique out of quilting and insure successful results.

In addition to over 130 quilt programs she has taped for PBS, Shar is also the author of 75 books. She has developed over 40 template patterns and a full line of stencils. She exhibits and teaches at over 20 quilting events annually. Through filming, writing, and teaching, Shar continues to share her knowledge and love of the art with quiltmakers worldwide.

Shar was nominated as 2009 Quilter of the Year for Minnesota Quilters, Inc. This award is given to those who have done much to promote the art of quilting, both in Minnesota and internationally.

Enjoy using Shar’s templates as you follow her instructions to create your very own timeless works of art. You may also be interested is seeing examples of her patterns on Pinterest or instructional videos on YouTube.


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