Frequently Asked Questions

How thick are your templates?

They are 1/8 inch thick. They are designed to be used with a rotary cutter. They are the same thickness as an Omnigrid Ruler.

What is a scant 1/4 inch seam allowance?

The scant 1/4" makes up for the fabric in the seam line. It is one threads width less than a 1/4". It is very important to sew with a scant 1/4" when piecing quilts. You will find your corners are perfect and seams will meet when using a scant 1/4 inch.

Which Thread do you recommend?

Use 100% cotton thread, size 50 to match your cotton fabric for care and strength. Cotton thread is strong, yet fine for accurate piecing.

How do I get the paper or film off of my templates?

You should be able to peel back a corner. It should come off without any trouble. Some templates have protective brown paper while others have clear film.

What do you use a stiletto for?

Use a stiletto instead of your pointer finger to guide fabric in front of needle when machine piecing. You won’t worry about pieces scooting to one side at end of seam, when using a stiletto. Especially helpful when piecing curves.

What pins do you recommend?

For accurate piecing I recommend Clover Glass Head Silk Pins.

Why do you put grips on the templates?

They keep the templates from sliding on your fabric while cutting.

Why do you press seams open?

I finger press seams open before pressing with a steam iron. It takes more time to press seams open, but you will have a flatter quilt top making it easier to machine or hand quilt.

How do you prepare fabric before cutting?

Separate fabrics by color and wash in cold water with mild soap. If fabric still bleeds after one washing, you may consider a second wash. Line or machine dry.

Where can I see more quilt examples?

Shar posts many pictures of her quilts and examples of work on her Pinterest page.